Salary settlement


We have a dedicated department for salary settlement services, ensuring high-quality work. Our systematic delivery method emphasizes process focus, guaranteeing timely and quality deliverables. 

Our services include

  • Payroll calculation which can be processed monthly or weekly, based on the client’s preference
  • Monthly calculation and payment of social insurance and tax contributions to the authorities
  • Preparation and distribution of payslips at the end of each payroll run
  • Registration of new employees for income tax and social insurance
  • Registration of the company for income tax and social insurance
  • Obtaining a yellow slip for foreigners if required
  • Preparation and distribution of annual payroll forms (IR63) to employees
  • Preparation and submission of the annual payroll form (IR7) for the company to the authorities
  • Obtaining a tax clearance certifιcate from the Social lnsurance Department for expatriate employees for the purposes of renewal of their work permit.

Our Services

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